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The information on is a collaborative effort and represents our current best understanding of the national implementations of the copyright exceptions foreseen by the EU copyright framework (the 2001 Copyright in the Information Society Directive, the 2019 Copyright in the Digital Single Market Directive, the 2012 Orphan Works Directive and the 2017 Marrakesh Directive).

National implementations of these directives are not static and may change as Member States update their domestic copyright legislation and not all such changes will immediately come to our attention. We are therefore grateful for any updates, corrections or additions to the information that is available on .

How to contribute?

There are two ways of contributing to

  1. Get in touch with us via
  2. Proposes changes/updates/additions directly via GitHub (preferred method)

All information displayed on is hosted in our GitHub repository. This allows anyone with a (free) GitHub account to propose changes, corrections, updates or additions, directly in GitHub. To facilitate this each individual implementation page contains a link to the source information in our GitHub repository:

Link to GitHub

Clicking on this link brings you to the GitHub page containing the information for the selected national implementation. If you are logged into your GitHub account you are able to edit the information by clicking on the edit button:

Click to edit

After clicking you will be able to edit a copy of the information. When editing you should be carefull not to change the structure of the file. You should only edit the information about the implementation of the exception (but since you are working on a copy of the actual information you do not have to worry about causing damage). You can find more information about the data model and the structure of these files here.

Once you are done making your edits, please scroll down to the bottom of the page, and add a short description of the edits that you have made (this is important for us to understand the proposed changes) and click on the ‘Propose changes’ button.

Submit edits

After submitting your proposed changes you need to create what is known as a ‘pull request’ (this will inform us about the proposed changes). To do this, click on the ‘Create pull request’ button:

Create pull request

Once you have done this you have to also click on the ‘Create pull request’ button on the following page (this is very important, otherwise your edits will be lost):

Confirm pull request

After this step you are done (you will see Github page showing the number that has been assigned to your pull request):


We will be notified by GitHub about the proposed edits and we will review the edits (this may take a few days). Once we have approved the edits, you will receive an email notification from GitHub, and the the edits will be visible on the website. You will also receive an email notifications in case we decide not to accept the proposed edits or if we have further questions related to your edits, so please keep an eye out for emails from GitHub.

If you have any questions related to the procedure above or need help with submitting feedback to us feel free to contact us at We greatly appreciate any feedback, corrections, comments, additions and updates.